Our work

Programs to Prevent Violence and Abuse

Gender Ink is at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative programs to prevent violence and abuse. With a deep commitment to creating safer and more inclusive communities, we are leading the change in designing effective interventions that address the root causes of violence and promote healthy relationships.

We recognize that violence and abuse are multifaceted issues deeply rooted in social, cultural, and power structures. Therefore, our programs take a holistic approach, considering the intersecting factors contributing to violence and abuse, such as gender inequality, discrimination, and social norms.

Our programs employ a range of innovative strategies, including:

Prevention Education

 We develop comprehensive prevention education programs tailored to different age groups and settings. These programs promote awareness, challenge harmful gender norms, and equip individuals with the skills to recognize and prevent violence and abuse.

Engaging Men and Boys 

We recognize the importance of engaging men and boys as allies in preventing violence and abuse. Our innovative programs provide spaces for men and boys to reflect critically on societal expectations, redefine masculinity, and actively work towards ending violence.

Technology and Digital Safety

In today’s digital age, we understand the importance of addressing violence and abuse in online spaces. Our programs incorporate strategies for digital safety, promoting responsible online behavior, and addressing cyberbullying, harassment, and revenge porn.

Community Mobilization

We facilitate community mobilization initiatives that empower individuals and communities to take collective action against violence and abuse. These programs focus on building community support networks, promoting bystander intervention, and fostering a culture of respect and accountability.

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