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About us

At Gender Ink, we are committed to promoting gender equality and building inclusive environments for all. As a leading consulting firm specializing in gender-related issues, we provide a range of services that aim to create transformative change and empower individuals and organizations.

We firmly believe that data-driven insights are crucial to achieving meaningful progress. Our rigorous research studies explore the complexities of gender dynamics, uncover disparities, and offer targeted solutions to promote gender equality.

At Gender Ink, we share a vision of a world where gender equality is the standard. We are driven by our expertise, passion, and collaborative approach to support organizations in challenging gender norms, cultivating inclusive environments, and driving positive change.

Focus Areas

Gender Ink is at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative programs to prevent violence and abuse.

Gender Ink firmly believes that women’s leadership is a matter of equality and justice and a catalyst for positive change and sustainable development.

Gender Ink aims to transform the media landscape by promoting gender equality, challenging harmful stereotypes, and advocating for inclusive representation in media content and industry practices.

Gender Ink believes economic empowerment is crucial to achieving gender equality and creating inclusive societies.


We envision a diverse, equal, and inclusive society by adopting gender transformative approaches.


Our mission is to contribute to the creation of a gender-aware, gender-sensitive, gender-responsive, and gender-equal society.


We are guided by our unwavering commitment to equality, inclusivity, and professionalism. These values form the bedrock of everything we do.

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