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The equality scene has evolved and diversified. Equality can hardly be established as one particular thing because its definition shifts depending on what suits the powerful voices of the time.

The current gap in addressing gender concerns inspired the inception of Gender Ink. Gender Ink dissects and analyzes emerging gender issues creating awareness on gender issues, and promoting women’s empowerment and positive masculinity.

The rising need for gender equality education prompted us to broaden our scope of services to reach the larger mass and offer amicable solutions to vulnerable people in society, specifically targeting corporates and the grassroot level. We believe we are facing a crisis of democratic institutions where the power of actors and institutions to represent and fight for social justice has been undercut, and civil society spaces for advocacy and action are severely restricted.

Work on social justice and rights is being forced underground. Institutions that proclaim the urgency of making progress on women’s rights are themselves sites of entrenched gender discrimination. New actors are increasingly selling quick fixes to structural issues of inequality through ‘empowerment lite’ solutions, with conditionality requirements for access to resources that skirt hegemonic power dynamics.

Our Focus

For assistance in the development and implementation of transformative policies and legislation.

In international and domestic laws, policies, practices, adjudications and jurisprudence.

For victims and survivors of gender-based crimes

In conflict resolution, recovery process and transitional justice mechanism

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Contact us if you would like to volunteer in making a real impact on gender equality.

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