Our work

Increasing Economic Autonomy for Women and Youth

Gender Ink believes economic empowerment is crucial to achieving gender equality and creating inclusive societies. Through our comprehensive programs and initiatives, we strive to unlock opportunities, build skills, and foster an enabling environment for women and youth to thrive economically.

Our initiative addresses the systemic barriers that hinder women and youth from accessing and benefiting from economic opportunities. We recognize that gender-based discrimination, unequal access to resources, and social norms significantly perpetuate economic disparities. Therefore, our approach combines a range of strategies to promote economic autonomy, including skill development, entrepreneurship support, and policy advocacy.

Skills Development and Training: We offer comprehensive skills development and training programs that equip women and youth with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the workforce. Our training covers various areas such as entrepreneurship, vocational skills, financial literacy, and digital literacy, ensuring participants have the tools for economic success.

Entrepreneurship Support: We provide tailored support and mentorship to women and youth entrepreneurs, guiding them through starting and scaling their businesses. Through our entrepreneurship programs, participants receive training in business planning, marketing, financial management, and accessing markets, enabling them to establish sustainable enterprises.

Policy Advocacy and Gender-Responsive Policies: We engage in policy advocacy to influence gender-responsive policies that support economic autonomy for women and youth. We collaborate with policymakers, civil society organizations, and stakeholders to promote gender equality in economic policies, advocate for fair labor practices, and create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship.

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