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Our organization is involved in numerous projects to promote gender equality through an intersectional approach and integrate gender-based programs and services.

Gender Ink offers updated empirical knowledge about gendered practices, norms, and discourses in politically significant ways. We use gender transformative approaches to provide a comprehensive investigation of gender in historical and present civilizations and conceptions, processes, and theories.


Gender Ink aims to study and analyze the importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) to attain Universal Health Coverage. Gender Ink advocates for SRHR education, comprehensive sexuality education, and abolishing harmful traditional practices.

Gender Ink has made it a priority to end violence against women and girls, men and boys. We provide services that empower both women and men to secure their future by taking action that ensures the end of Gender-Based Violence.


Gender Ink helps in developing gender and development policies. We do this by comparing and assessing, according to gender-relevant criteria, the current situation and trend with the expected development resulting from introducing the proposed policy. In addition, we provide a framework for mainstreaming gender in all projects, planning and programming in your organization, and institutional mechanisms to ensure effective implementation.


Gender Ink focuses on designing and implementing a gender-transformative strategy for positive change and gender-sensitive policing to strengthen advocacy and activism capacities. We purpose to raise gender (in)equality awareness, understanding, and knowledge among the general public. We provide accurate and easily accessible data to help people better understand gender equality as a fundamental pillar of democratic nations.

To improve gender equality and inclusion in organizations and their work, we provide capacity building services (training, learning, and strategic planning workshops).


Gender Ink offers a participative approach to evaluating and analyzing interventions or programs from multiple perspectives. We support organizations to identify and understand gender patterns within their composition, structures, processes, organizational culture and management of human resources, and in the design and delivery of policies and services.

We establish a baseline against which progress can be measured over time by identifying critical gender gaps and challenges and making recommendations on how they can be addressed through improvements and innovations.


Work undertaken by Gender ink is designed to develop capacity and to strengthen institutions, while integrating gender approaches and gender equality concepts. With a management philosophy based on participation and transparency.

Our Happy Clients!

The experience, professionalism and wealth of knowledge in what they do is top notch. The gender audit report was comprehensive and enabled me implement the recommended changes swiftly.
Silvano Musikoyo
CEO Infini Byte
I would like to thank Gender ink for allowing me to be part of this process of advocating for gender equality. This will sure go a long way in promoting equality in organizations.
Winnie Atieno
Winnie Atieno Foundation
The professionalism, expertise on gender issues and ability to problem-solve stood out to me. We worked to highlight the challenges that female entrepreneurs and women in business face.
Emily Kosen
CEO Xpeed.org

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