Our Services

Gender Ink is involved in numerous projects to promote gender equality through an intersectional approach and integrate gender-based programs and services.


At Gender Ink, we specialize in providing comprehensive research services to address gender-related issues and promote gender equality. Our team of experts is dedicated to conducting in-depth research and analysis, offering valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.


At Gender Ink, we acknowledge the significance of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in realizing Universal Health Coverage. Our endeavors are focused on encouraging awareness and education of SRHR by promoting comprehensive knowledge about sexuality and dismantling harmful traditional practices. Moreover, we are dedicated to combating gender-based violence by offering necessary services that empower individuals to safeguard themselves and create a promising future for themselves.


Gender Ink provides gender audit and assessment services that enable organizations to identify and rectify gender disparities while cultivating inclusive environments. Through a collaborative effort, we help organizations design customized gender audits based on individual needs by analyzing the organization’s objectives, identifying critical stakeholders, and determining the audit’s scope. We develop a clear roadmap for data collection and analysis that ensures the audit process aligns with the organization’s aims. 



Our comprehensive training services empower individuals, teams, and organizations to effectively understand and address gender-related issues. By building awareness, knowledge, and skills, we foster environments that promote gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, leading to positive organizational culture and improved outcomes for all. Our training programs are designed to build knowledge, skills, and awareness among individuals and teams, empowering them to create positive change


We foster equality, inclusivity, and empowerment. We are driven by a shared vision of a world where gender equality is the norm. Through our research, gender audit and assessment, SRHR services, and training for gender equality, we support organizations in creating inclusive spaces, challenging gender norms, and advancing social justice.

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