What We Do

Our organization is involved in numerous projects to promote gender equality through an intersectional approach and integrate gender-based programs and services.


Includes an assessment of diversity, inclusion and equity in your organization. The Assessment begins with determining the baseline and benchmarking your workplace. An evidence-based and intersectional data driven approach in conducting a diversity and inclusion baseline assessment to diagnose issues, gaps, red flags and benchmark your workplace. 

We conduct our assessments using a variety of methods tailored to your unique project and the culture of your organization.

We conduct a full analysis on the results and produce a final report with an action plan outlining in detail evidence-based prioritized recommendations for implementation. Our Action Plans provide you with a clear roadmap on how to advance DEI in your organization in the immediate, medium and long term


Gender Ink supports governments, organizations and communities to increase the awareness and understanding of gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. We offer training on basic principles for a code of conduct, reporting processes, comprehensive sexual education and implementing a programmatic response.

Gender Ink has made it a priority to end violence against women and girls, men and boys.  We provide services that empower both women and men to secure their future by taking action that ensures the end of Gender-Based Violence. In addition, we support governments, organizations, and communities by enabling them to challenge and end Gender-Based Violence.


We design, introduce and lead new diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in your organization to drive innovation, results and ensure sustainability. We manage and evaluate the rollout of the action plan that we create for you in the Workplace Assessment. An evidence-based actionable strategy tailored specifically to your workplace with full-scale implementation integrated into all aspects of your organization for sustainability.

We implement any diversity related change that you need to ensure its success, sustainability and its integration into the culture of your organization. We lead existing or new diversity, equity or inclusion initiatives from a mentorship program, the creation and management of an employee resource group, a leadership development program focused on equity in your organization, all the way to conducting an impact assessment on gender in accordance to the Gender equality laws.


We offer capacity building services (training, learning and strategic planning workshops) to enhance gender diversity equality and inclusion in organizations and their work. Training is developed and delivered to your workplace along with customized materials, tools and templates for easy application and use. All trainings are interactive and can include self-reflection, discussions, videos, guest speakers, team case studies, personal action planning and gamification elements.

  • Training is developed and delivered to your workplace along with customized materials, tools and templates for seamless integration into your daily work to enhance sustainability.
  • All trainings are developed in accordance with adult-learning best practices.
  • Training includes theoretical knowledge of the topic, its history, its contextual relevance, along with how to implement; monitor and track; evaluate; and report on success

The support of local decision-makers (provincial political leaders, cultural and traditional leaders, judicial and military leaders) to combat conflict and sexual and gender-based crimes (SGBCs) is critical. Raising awareness, knowledge, and support for gender justice issues through advocacy events and screenings of our gender justice discussions through YouTube and our other social media platforms has proven to be effective. In the last few years, we have held advocacy events involving over judicial actors, provincial leaders, influencers, government ministries, traditional leaders, community members and victims/survivors.


Work undertaken by Gender ink is designed to develop capacity and to strengthen institutions, while integrating gender approaches and gender equality concepts. With a management philosophy based on participation and transparency.


Client Photo
Silvano Musikoyo Founder & CEO Elite Infotech Solutions

The experience, professionalism and wealth of knowledge in what they do is top notch. The gender audit report was comprehensive and enabled me implement the recommended changes swiftly.

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Christine Mongina Founder & CEO of Aidteck

I would like to thank Gender ink for allowing me to be part of this process of advocating for gender equality. This will sure go a long way in promoting equality in organizations.

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Emily Kosen Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

The professionalism, expertise on gender issues and ability to problem-solve stood out to me. We worked to highlight the challenges that female entrepreneurs and women in business face.