Building a culture of diversity equality & Inclusivity

We are devoted to address gender issues

Gender Ink is a consultancy firm that prides itself on building a gender-aware, gender-sensitive, and gender-responsive and a gender-equal society. 

At Gender Ink, we embrace diversity, equality and inclusivity by adopting a gender transformative approach that creates opportunities for individuals to actively challenge gender norms, promote social and political positions in communities, and address power inequities between persons of different genders.

Our Services

We offer a range of services to organizations to strengthen their contributions to gender equality.

Legal Support & Consultancy

We contribute to covering the gaps in services supporting victims of gendered violence to acquire legal literacy skills and to raising awareness to wider groups of citizens.

Capacity Building

We offer capacity building services (training, learning and strategic planning workshops) to enhance gender equality and inclusion in organizations and their work.

Gender Policy Development

Gender Ink strives to contribute to transformative policies and legislation. We do this by comparing and assessing, according to gender-relevant criteria, the current situation and trend with the expected development resulting from introducing the proposed policy.

Gender Audit & Assessment

Gender Ink focuses on a participative approach to evaluating and analyzing interventions or programs from multiple perspectives. This is by identifying where policies are causing or strengthening gender inequalities and how they can be effectively redirected.

Awareness and Advocacy

Gender Ink focuses on building advocacy and activism capacities by developing and implementing a gender-transformative strategy for positive change and gender-sensitive policing. We aim to increase general sensitivity, understanding and knowledge about gender (in)equality.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Gender Ink partners with governments, organizations and communities to increase the awareness and understanding of gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. We focus on the basic principles for a code of conduct, reporting processes, and implementing a programmatic response.

Come join us

We run an online platform that gives men and women a space to document their voices on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment.

Our impact
Influencing the way people, organisations, and movements think and act on matters of gender equality.


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